The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Australian Building Industry

The Australian building industry employs around 1 in 10 people, this means that currently there are just over 1.3 million people employed in this sector! But there is a vast lack of diversity and inclusion in the industry, particularly when it comes to gender representation.

Unfortunately, the construction industry is still heavily male dominant and women make up only 13.3% of this sector, which is very concerning considering just how important this sector is to the Australian economy. If women continue to be excluded from this industry we risk missing out on incredibly valuable talent and limiting the building industry’s ability for growth.

To address the lack of diversity in the building industry, there needs to be a unified effort by industry stakeholders, policy makers and educators. We could include initiatives to promote and support women’s participation in the industry, which could include mentorship programs, scholarships and targeted recruitment efforts. However, bringing women in to the industry and ensuring they stay with the industry long term are two very different topics and should be looked at on their own merits.

We can make changes in the industry to ensure that women join and then continue to stay with the industry long term. Some of the changes we can make are:

  • Increasing awareness and education
  • Introducing flexible working arrangements
  • Addressing gender bias and discrimination
  • Provide mentoring and support
  • Addressing the gender pay gap
  • Create a safe and inclusive work environment

By promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the building industry, Australia can create a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous society. Why not make these changes and create a better future for our society.