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We’re all about making building design and approvals a simple, seamless process. We take great ideas, turn them into even better designs, and then steer them through the approvals process.

Complete Approvals – your one-stop-shop for stress-free renovations, extensions and additions.


Kosoula and her team take all of the stress out of council applications. That means we can focus on providing great solutions to our customers.

Screenstyle WA Pty Ltd


I had had the pleasure of working with Complete Approvals on two different subdivision projects located within the City of Melville. Kosoula was instrumental in helping me meet all of the difficult council requirements to enable the fastest possible planning and building approvals.  I would highly recommend Complete Approvals for any drafting and council approval needs. Thanks Kosoula!!



Thanks to Kosoula for the great customer service, prompt response and great design!



Kosoula Chase has just been doing all our plans for extensions SUPER helpful highly recommend. She has details of an engineer. She works closely with the shire and doing applications also if needed.

Lisa Gale
Speedy Spanners

Excellent professional service, would highly recommend this business. Quick, efficient and professional!


Kosoula is a great, hard-working professional who does a fantastic job. I highly recommend talking to her.



Complete Approvals, located in Perth, WA,  takes the worry of dealing with councils and the time needed for applications and paper work away. We deal with the paper work, councils, follow ups and liaise with engineers and surveyors, so you have more time to focus on the important things.

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