Is council approval required for indoor renovations?

This is a great question!


When it comes to it, renovating the inside of our homes is a relatively easy way to give a sparkly new feel to our existing homes, without the big budget spend of a new build.


Kitchen and bathroom renovations are the big ones in the market, together making up 43% of the renovation market in Australia. Depending on the extent of works, bathroom and kitchen renovations can be some of the most costly renos you would undertake in your home, but are also the areas that can become outdated very quickly too.


So the big question is, if you are thinking of undertaking renovation works at your property, do you need council approval?


This all depends on cost and if you are making structural changes to your home. If structural changes are required, and/ or if the build cost of the your project will be $20,000 or more, a building permit is required. It should also be noted, if your build cost is $20,000 or more, you will need a registered builder for your renovation project.


If you need further assistance, the Building Commission are a great resource, or please reach out for assistance, we are always here to help.